Mobile Number Portability

Public Inquiry

Related Consultation Paper: Mobile Number Portability – Public Consultation

Discussion Papers

Mobile Number Portability for PNG - Discussion Paper on Costs and Benefits.pdf
Size: 5 MB
Uploaded: 7-Oct-2016


  • Digicel PNG LTD Redacted Submission.pdf
    Size: 5 MB
    Uploaded: 17-Feb-2017
  • Telikom PNG LTD.pdf
    Size: 2 MB
    Uploaded: 3-Feb-2017
  • Bmobile Vodafone Submission 2.pdf
    Size: 594 KB
    Uploaded: 2-Feb-2017
  • ICCC Submission.pdf
    Size: 4 MB
    Uploaded: 14-Dec-2016
  • Bmobile Vodafone Submission 1.pdf
    Size: 108 KB
    Uploaded: 8-Dec-2016


  • Response to Comments - NICTA Staff Report - MNP.pdf

    Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

    Size: 697 KB
    Uploaded: 6-Oct-2017