Types of Licences we Issue

A Cabling Licence is needed to perform cabling work in areas of networking operations and other ICT operations that require cable work.

A Spectrum Licence is needed for the operation of a device or devices within a defined spectrum space (geographic area and frequency band) on the condition that the device(s) operate with accordance to their licence conditions and terms that were set by NICTA for that specific spectrum.

An Apparatus Licence is needed for the operation of a device or type of devices at specific locations with specific operating conditions set by NICTA in order to provide an approved service. Apparatus Licences are intended to be directed at certain categories of 'Transmitting' and 'Recieving' apparatus.

A Radiocommunication Class Licence is issued as a general authorisation for any person(s) to operate an apparatus or device(s) in designated segments of a spectrum whilst using that spectrum on a shared basis.

A Network Licence is needed to construct, maintain, own and operate facilities for a comminications network. such as VSATs, towers, line, antenna, and earth stations. A Network Licence allows for, among others, services for carring electronic communications such as public cellular mbile services and broadcasting distribution services.

An Application Licence is needed to supply to the public, certain communication services using a network service such as PSTN telephony services, IP telephony services, internet access services, messaging services and audio text services.

A Content Licence is needed to supply television or radio broadcast services. It also allows for the supply of narrowcast services, supplying content intended for restricted number of viewer or listeners.

Each of the three licences are available as:

  • An individual licences, which is granted to a specific named individual person or company
  • As a class licence.