"The National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) is a government agency responsible for the regulation and licensing of Information Communications Technology (ICT) in Papua New Guinea"

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    EVENT: ICT CONSUMER PROTECTION FORUMS 2022 1. Background/Context Under the NICT Act, 2009 (The Act), NICTA is mandated to provide appropriate community safeguards of which include to develop and monitor a system for reviewing and responding to complaints by retail ICT customers, consumer education and provision of information, consumer protection rules and regulations. Consumer complaints have played a valuable role in helping the NICTA identify areas where regulatory intervention may be required and where existing regulation or rules may be lacking. Common consumer complaints issues include amongst others, bill shock related to mobile phone bills, Quality of Service, high internet retail rates and cybercrime. Basic consumer rights also evolving into digital rights include disclosure and transparency, competition and choice, redress and complaint handling. Consumers need to be able to obtain accurate, unbiased information about the products and services they purchase. This enables them to make the best choices based on their interests and prevents them from being mistreated or misled by service providers. NICTA also administers the Consumer Protection Rule 2014 which imposes obligations on retail application licensees to provide a minimum criterion of information to promote information transparency for the benefit of consumers.   2. Objectives NICTA is hosting a series of ICT Consumer Protection Forums. The said forums will be conducted face to face as well as via live radio broadcast consecutively within the 4 main regions, Southern, Momase, NGI and Highlands. The specific objectives for the ICT Consumer Protection Forum are for: • Consumers to express their grievances and concerns with regards to telecommunications services; • Telecommunications service providers to be given an opportunity to participate and respond to consumers’ grievances and concerns raised; • NICTA to partner with key stakeholders including the ICT industry and ICCC to protect consumers from harm   3. Expected outcomes Specific outcomes include but not limited to are: • Identify key consumer concerns with regards to retail ICT services; • NICTA to tailor consumer awareness initiatives based on consumer feedback; and • NICTA to consider consumers’ feedback as part of its proposed review of the Consumer Protection Rule 2014;   4. Timing NICTA will host four (4) Forums within each main region. The respective regional Forums are scheduled to be held on 30 September (Port Moresby), 14 October (Lae), 21 October (Kokopo) and 31 October (Hagen). 5. Participation Participation in the forum is open to the general public. The forums are planned to be hosted as in person events as well as broadcast live via the respective NBC provincial radio stations of Port Moresby, Morobe, East New Britain and Western Highlands.

  • Decision By NICTA To Defer Any Form Of Retail Service Determination And The Release Of The Response To Comments Report

    The National Information and Communications Technology (NICTA) hereby advises all stakeholders and the public of its decision, after considerable inquiry and consultation, not to intervene in the market for retail voice and data services with price regulation. There is an exception in the case of the on-net/off net price discrimination. NICTA published terms of reference for the public inquiry on 18th March 2022 and the inquiry has been ongoing since then. The initial period planned for the public inquiry was for four weeks to allowed for written comments from stakeholders. However, this was further extended by additional four weeks at the request of the industry. NICTA has received and considered a number of submissions from the industry and other stakeholders. After consideration of the submissions, and of the evidence and comments submitted by the respondents, NICTA has confirmed its preliminary conclusions as set out in the discussion paper, that is, not to intervene with price regulation of retail voice and data services, with the exception of on-net/off-net price discrimination. NICTA will prepare a draft Retail Service Determination (RSD) regulating on-net/off-net price differentials and prohibiting discrimination. The draft will be subject to further consultation, and submissions will be invited from all stakeholders and the public. NICTA will closely monitor retail voice and data price competition to determine the level of competitiveness in those markets over the next 12 months and will undertake a further review at that time. It will especially monitor the impact of the entry of Vodafone into the PNG mobile market in April 2022. All inquiry documents including response to comments report are now uploaded at NICTA’s public register available at www.nicta.gov.pg. Public Inquiry: Potential Retail Service Determination In relation To Voice And Data Enquiries in relation to this matter can be directed to Acting Director Economic Consumer & International Affairs, Mr. Polume Lume on email: or on phone number 303 3272. Authorised by: Kila Gulo-Vui Chief Executive Officer

  • Mobile Communication Tower Erection within Residential and Public Areas

    This Public Notice replaces and supersedes an earlier one published on the same topic by NICTA on 29 April 2022 and provides guidance to what Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) may now do and not do when erecting new mobile communication towers. This Public Notice is an interim notice and will remain in place until further notice. NICTA is in the process of developing detailed regulatory requirements for the construction and deployment of mobile communications towers. It is doing so in consultation with relevant Government Authorities, interested parties and stakeholders including within the communications sector. Complaints have been made to NICTA and to local government authorities that mobile communication towers have been and are being erected in residential areas without the MNOs or other tower owners having undertaken consultation with the affected community and without appropriate formal permissions of relevant bodies having been sought and given. MNOs and tower owners should comply with the guidance set out below from the date of this Public Notice until otherwise notified. Unless formally approved by the authorities in advance New towers within a yard in a residential area must not be erected, and, if partly constructed, must cease forthwith; New towers within the premises of schools and hospitals must not be erected, and, if partly constructed, must cease forthwith; New towers may not be erected within a radius of 200 metres of schools and hospitals; New towers within a radius of 200 metres of an existing tower in residential and industrial areas must be avoided; and Erection of towers near highways and main roads must be avoided. For the avoidance of doubt this Notice and the above arrangements apply to new constructions. Towers that are currently under construction may be completed provided the Mobile Network Operator concerned has contacted the relevant local authority and received clear and prior approval for the construction to proceed. NICTA inspectors will conduct random inspection on communication towers to ensure that these structures comply with all the regulatory requirements, as well as the guidance set out in this Public Notice. Authorised by Kila Gulo Vui Chief Executive Officer

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