Consultation Paper on UAS Projects for 2021

Consultative Paper

Approval to Proposed Universal Access and Service (UAS) Projects for 2021
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Recommendation Report - 2021 UAS Projects From the UAS Board to the Minister
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This consultation paper seeks comments and suggestions from stakeholders on the proposed UAS projects for 2021.

To assist NICTA and the UAS Board to carry out their respective functions under Part VI of the Act, the UAS Board following public consultation approved the UAS Strategic Planning Report 2018-2022 (the Strategic Planning Report). The Strategic Planning Report provides a useful context, delineating the UAS objectives, and planning framework to assist the annual process of UAS Project identification and ranking. It should be noted that Strategic Planning Report is not binding and serves as a guide and for informational purposes. The Strategic Planning Report is available on NICTA/UAS website (

NICTA is inviting stakeholders, licensed operators and the general public to submit Universal Access Projects for consideration to be implemented in 2021. In this connection NICTA has also prepared the draft proposals aimed at promoting discussion and consideration.

This document has been prepared for the purpose of facilitating industry and wider public discussion on the UAS projects for 2021. The document contains projects NICTA considers as critical for implementation and invites comments and inputs from the public and interested parties.

Following consultation, NICTA will finalise the Report for submission to the UAS Board for consideration. The UAS Board will prepare a UAS Project report for submission to the Minister for Communications for consideration.

In developing the projects proposal for 2021, NICTA has taken into account the Government’s Vision 2050 Strategy, the Medium Term Development Strategy (2018-2022), Development Strategic Plan 2020 to 2030 and the UAS Strategic Planning Report.

Submissions should be submitted via email to and must be received by close of business on Tuesday 15th September 2020.

Signed Notice: Public Consultation For UAS Projects For 2021 - Public

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Consultative Papers

UAS Projects for 2021 - Consultation Paper
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