Universal Access & Service (UAS) Projects for 2019

Consultative Paper

Pursuant to the requirements of the National Information and Communications Technology Act 2009 (the Act) in relation to UAS Projects, NICTA hereby informs all parties and interested stakeholders of the commencement of the Public Consultation process for the 2019 UAS Projects.

Full Signed Notice: 

Consultative Papers

  • 2019 UAS Projects (Consultation Paper).pdf
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    Uploaded: 3-Aug-2018


  • East New Britain Government - Submission.pdf
    Size: 610.92 KB
    Uploaded: 7-Sep-2018
  • Digicel PNG ltd Submission.pdf
    Size: 7.22 MB
    Uploaded: 7-Sep-2018
  • Unitech PNG - UAS Consultation Response.pdf
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    Uploaded: 7-Sep-2018
  • Micha Yanage.pdf
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    Uploaded: 7-Sep-2018
  • Manus Professionals for Community Development Inc.zip
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    Uploaded: 7-Sep-2018
  • Adventist Hope Radio (New Britain New Ireland Region).zip
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    Uploaded: 7-Sep-2018
  • Simkar Coffee Growers Association.pdf
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    Uploaded: 5-Sep-2018
  • EMTV Media Limited.pdf
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    Uploaded: 5-Sep-2018
  • Reformed Ministry Church Networks of PNG - Cayhill Church.pdf
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    Uploaded: 5-Sep-2018


  • Report - Response to Comments on Consultation.pdf

    NICTA’s response to stakeholders’ comments on the Consultations Paper on the Proposed Universal Access and Services Projects 2019

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    Uploaded: 1-Nov-2018