Universal Access and Service (UAS) Projects for 2020 – Call for Proposals

Consultative Paper

NICTA hereby informs all stakeholders of the commencement of the Public Consultations for Universal Access and Service Projects for 2020 and invites all stakeholders to submit project proposals.

All stakeholders including the general public, ICT licensees, businesses, community groups and educational institutions are invited to submit project proposals for consideration and evaluation by the Universal Access Secretariat of NICTA. The proposals should seek to promote and contribute to the attainment of socio-economic development goals of government through ICT infrastructure, services and improve the availability of ICT services within the country particularly in unserved and under-served communities and areas. Interested stakeholders are advised to complete the Project Proposal Form “Form UAS 002” and submit the same to NICTA.

NICTA will also be conducting a series of regional consultation meetings with all interested parties. The consultation meetings are scheduled as follows:

Region Date Venue Time
Southern Monday, 6th May Lamana Hotel, Port Moresby 9 am – 4 pm
New Guinea Islands Wednesday, 8th May Gazelle International, Kokopo 9 am – 4 pm
Momase Wednesday, 8th May Lae International Hotel, Lae 9 am – 4 pm
Highlands Friday 10th May Highlander Hotel, Mt Hagen 9 am – 4 pm

All proposals should be emailed to: consultation.submission@nicta.gov.pg by close of business Monday, 27th May 2019. Alternative forms of submission may be accepted by prior arrangements with our point of contact below. Any respondent that wishes to claim confidentiality over information submitted should follow the procedures set out in the current guidelines on the submission of written comments to public consultations and public inquiries, which are also available from NICTA’s Public Register at www.nicta.gov.pg

NICTA further advises that following receipt of submissions, NICTA may issue a draft 2020 Projects Report for public consultation before it can submit its Final Report to the Universal Access Board for consideration.

Enquiries in relation to this matter including interest to attend the consultation meetings should be directed to Mr. Veari Iru at NICTA, who can be contacted on 3033233 during office hours or by email: viru@nicta.gov.pg

Full Signed Notice:

Universal Access and Service (UAS) Projects for 2020 - Public Notice

Public Consultation and Call for Universal Access and Service (UAS) Projects for 2020

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Extended Deadline for Comments/Submissions/Proposals (7th June 2019) – Notice:

Extension of Closing Date - UAS Projects 2020
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Forms – UAS 002:

UAS 2020 Project Proposals Form
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UAS 2020 Project Proposals Form
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NICTA's Response to Proposals (REPORT)

Universal Access and Services (UAS) Projects 2020

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