Draft Regulations and Procedures for Universal Access and Service (UAS)

Public Consultation – Draft Regulations and Procedures for Universal Access and Service (UAS)

Following the Board’s approval of the Draft UAS Regulations and Procedures, NICTA is now releasing the documents for the public consultation process to take place as required under Part XII – Public Inquiries and Investigations of the National ICT Act 2009.

Copies of the Draft Regulations and Procedures along with the Consultation Document are available and can be downloaded from the NICTA website at www.nicta.gov.pg

The public consultation process will be for a period of four (4) weeks, starting November 22, 2013 and closing on December 20, 2013.

NICTA is also calling on key stakeholders and other interested parties to register their intention to attend interactive consultations with NICTA on November 28, 29, 2013 on each of the two documents.

Following the public consultation process, NICTA will consider all comments provided by the key stakeholders and interested parties and incorporate appropriate inputs to the documents before Board approval is obtained.

All written comments should be sent by post, facsimile or email to:

Director Economics, Consumer and International Affairs
P O Box 8227, Boroko, NCD
Facsimile: 3004289 or email: uas_consultations@nicta.gov.pg

For further information contact Rural Communications Specialist Warren Suti on Ph: 3033200 or email: wsuti@nicta.gov.pg

Full Signed Notice:  Notice - Public Consultation - Draft Regulations and Procedures UAS

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