Draft Rule Establishing an Annual Data Collection Regime

Consultative Paper

NICTA intends to make a rule under section 218 of the Act to establish a framework for the regular collection of key ICT data from licensees.  A draft of that rule is provided in Attachment A.  The draft rule is accompanied by a draft Microsoft Excel workbook (available separately) that will form a schedule to the proposed rule and which defines the specific data that licensees will be required to provide to NICTA and sets out including the manner in which that data is to be reported to NICTA. NICTA is seeking comments and feedback on the draft rule and its schedule

Consultative Papers

  • Draft Rule Establishing an Annual Data Collection Regime.pdf
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    Uploaded: 8-Apr-2014

Work Book

  • Workbook for Data Collection Regime Consultation Paper (Excel).zip
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  • Notice - Public Consultation.pdf
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  • Telikom PNG LTD Submission.pdf
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Decision & Outcome


  • Response to Comments - NICTA Report.pdf
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  • Gazette 316.pdf
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  • Data Collection Rule 2014.pdf
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