Draft Specific Pricing Principles for the International Submarine Cable Access Services

NICTA has commenced public consultation on the Specific Pricing Principles for the following wholesale declared services:

  1. International Submarine Cable Transmission Capacity Services; and
  2. International Submarine Cable Gateway Access Services.

This follows the declaration of the above services on 21st March 2013 by the Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Hon. Jimmy Miringtoro, MP in accordance with the National Information and Communications Technology Act 2009 (the Act).

Subsection 135 of the Act requires NICTA to make service specific pricing principles for a declared service within six (6) months after the Minister has declared a wholesale service. Further, it also allows NICTA to amend any existing service specific principles at any time.

NICTA hereby invites interested parties to make written submissions in response to the draft determination published at NICTA’s website: www.nicta.gov.pg All written submissions should be emailed to: consultation.submission@nicta.gov.pg and must be received by noon on Friday, 23rd August 2013.

Copies of all submissions received will be published in NICTA’s Public Register, also located at its website, consistent with the requirements on NICTA as prescribed under subsection 229(3) of the Act.

Additional procedural information on submissions to NICTA is set out in the ‘guidelines on the submission of written comments to public consultations and public inquiries’, which are also available in NICTA’s Public Register.

Full Signed Notice:  Notice - Public Consultation - SSPP

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Consultation: Service-Specific Pricing Principles Subsection 135 (3) of the National ICT Act 2009