1. The fees to be paid in respect of each category of operator licence are –
    1. the applicable application fee set out in Schedule 2 – Fees to accompany the application for the licence; and
    2. an annual licence fee calculated in accordance with this section.
  2. The annual licence fee for an operator licence shall be an amount fixed from time to time by the Minister responsible for treasury matters in respect of that licence as an amount the Minister considers to be a reasonable contribution towards NICTA’ s forecast expenditure as estimated in the NICTA budget.
  3. In fixing annual licence fees under Subsection (2), the Minister shall have regard to
    1. the principles specified in Section 35 of the Act (NICTA Act 2009); and
    2. the NICTA budget; and
    3. the information provided under Subsection (4) and
    4. such other matters as the Minister considers relevant.
  4. For the purposes of fixing the applicable annual licence fee payable each individual licensee shall submit to NICTA-
    1. within three months from the end of its financial year, its latest annual financial statements audited by a registered company auditor or in such other form as approved by NICTA; and
    2. such other information as NICTA may request.
  5. The fee to be paid for the renewal of an individual licence is the applicable application fee.
  6. Other fees payable to NICTA in connection with operator licences are set out in Schedule 2.
  7. The licence fees payable for operator licences shall be paid to NICTA by such means, at such times, and in such manner as NICTA may from time to time determine.
  8.  If a person fails to pay any licence fee or levy payable under the Act by the due date,
    NICTA may –

    1. impose an additional charge for late payment, calculated daily at a rate of 5 percentage points above the Kina Facility Rate per annum on the amount unpaid from the time when the fee or levy became payable until it is paid; and
    2. suspend the licence until all outstanding payments are made.
  9. Except on payment of the applicable fee, NICTA shall not –
    1. issue or renew an individual licence; or
    2. register an applicant under a class licence.