Technical Standards and Specifications – Public Consultation Notice

In accordance with Section 229 of the National Information and Communications Technology Act 2009 (“the Act”), NICTA hereby gives notice to conduct public consultation on the following ICT technical standards and specifications:

  1. Technical Guideline for WiMax Technology;
  2. Technical Standards for Operation of V-SAT & Ancillary Equipment;
  3. Type Approval Standards for Wireless Broadband Access Equipment;
  4. Type Approval Standards for Wireless Local Area Network Equipment;
  5. EMC and Safety Requirement for ICT Equipment; and
  6. Type Approval Specification for DVB-T2.

The public consultation process will be conducted over a period of eight (8) weeks, commencing from the release of the six (6) documents on January 15, 2016. Copies of the documents can be obtained from the NICTA Head Office located at Section 43, Lot 19 & 20, Frangipani Street, Hohola, Port Moresby or downloaded from the NICTA Public Register at Additionally, the documents can also be requested by emailing:

NICTA invites stakeholders and interested parties to consider and comment on the consultation documents. All written submissions should be submitted to: the NICTA Head Office or emailed to and must be received by noon on Friday, March 11, 2016.

Copies of the submissions received will be published in NICTA?s Public Register consistent with the requirements on NICTA as prescribed under subsection 229(3) of the Act.

Additional information on the procedure to make submissions to NICTA is set out in the „Guideline on the Submission of Written Comments to Public Consultations and Public Inquiries’, which is also available from the NICTA Public Register.

The publication of this notice meets the requirements of s.229 of the Act.

Full Notice Public Consultation Notice -Technical Standards Specifications

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