Draft Regulation on the Registration of Mobile Phone SIM Cards

In accordance with s.216 on Regulations and s.229 on Public Consultation of the National Information and Communications Technology Act 2009 (“the Act”), NICTA intends to hold a public consultation process on the Draft Regulation for the registration of Subscriber Identification Modules or SIM cards. The proposed regulation when made should give effect to s.266 of the Act on the Improper Use of ICT Services.

The need for the regulation is to address the uncontrolled sale of pre-activated SIM cards amid calls for relevant government authorities to take action on the alleged use of mobile phones in carrying out illegal activities, and for Mobile Operators to eliminate ‘anonymous’ or ‘pseudo-anonymous’ mobile phone users. A mobile phone user without mandatory registration may inconvenience or pose problems to law enforcement activities, public safety officials and national security agencies as well as the community at large.

The Draft document is available on the NICTA website at www.nicta.gov.pg and the NICTA Head Office at the corner of Frangipani Street and Croton Street, Hohola, NCD. Written submissions are invited and should be addressed to: uoome@nicta.gov.pg or Director Licensing and Enforcement, P.O. Box 8444, BOROKO 111, NCD, facsimile: 300 4829.

All comments received along with the final instrument will be uploaded on NICTA’s Public Register on its website. Respondents can request for particular aspects of their submission to remain confidential as prescribed in s.44 of the Act.

The deadline for comments is close of business – August 19, 2013.

Signed Notice:  Notice - SIM Card Registration - Public Consultation

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