Specific Pricing Principles – Public Consultation Notice

The National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) hereby advises all stakeholders and the general public of the release of the “Discussion Paper – Public Consultation on draft wholesale pricing principles for broadband capacity services, and international submarine cable services” for public comment. The proposed service-specific pricing principles relate to wholesale services that have been recently declared by the Minister in accordance with Section 135 of the National Information and Communications Technology Act (the Act).

The proposed pricing principles relate to the following declared wholesale services:

  • the international submarine cable transmission capacity serviced
  • the international submarine cable gateway access service
  • the international submarine cable duct access serviced and
  • the wholesale broadband service provided over optic fibre cable systems

The proposed pricing principles are available on NICTA’s website and, as required by Section 135 of the Act will be open for submissions for at least four weeks, until close of business on Thursday 01 August 2019. NICTA will consider any submissions that are received within this time limit before determining the pricing principles.

Signed Notice: Specific Pricing Principles – Public Consultation Notice

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Consultation Paper (Draft): Specific Pricing Principles - (Draft Consultation Paper)

  • National Wholesale Broadband Capacity Services
  • International Submarine Cable Services
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Consultation: Specific Pricing Principles