Submissions/Comments – Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) DataCo

  • DataCo Submission - 2nd Round Comments DataCo RIO Consultation.pdf
    Size: 8.65 MB
    Uploaded: 18-Nov-2020
  • Digicel Submission 2nd Round Comments on Comments.pdf
    Size: 792.33 KB
    Uploaded: 18-Nov-2020
  • Telikom PNG Submission.pdf

    Telikom's Submission for Public Consultation on DataCo's RIO

    Size: 2.24 MB
    Uploaded: 2-Nov-2020
  • ICCC Submission to RIO.pdf
    Size: 680.94 KB
    Uploaded: 21-Oct-2020
  • Digicel Submission to RIO.pdf
    Size: 5.97 MB
    Uploaded: 21-Oct-2020
  • Australia National University Submission to RIO.pdf
    Size: 2.75 MB
    Uploaded: 21-Oct-2020

Consultation: Reference Interconnection Offer from PNG DataCo LTD on various Wholesale Access Services (Public Consultation)