Wholesale and Retail Service Demarcation

Public Notice

Wholesale & Retail Services (Demarcation) Guidelines - NOTICE
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Extension of Deadline for Submissions - Wholesale and Retail Services Demarcation (Public Consultation)
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This public notice is published in compliance with the requirements of Section 229 of the Act. In particular:

  1. NICTA hereby announces the fact that it is holding a public consultation;
  2. The public consultation shall be for the period from Friday 5th November to Monday 5th December 2021;
  3. The public consultation relates to the Draft Guideline published on NICTA’s website (www.nicta.gov.pg) on 5th November 2021, and specifically, to whether NICTA should finalize the draft as it stands or with amendments proposed by stakeholders in their comments; and
  4. The deadline for submissions to be received shall be 4 pm on Monday 5th December 2021.


For further information pls contact Mr. Polume Lume, Manager Economic Regulation & Competition on telephone number: 3033267 email: plume@nicta.gov.pg

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