Reference Interconnection Offer from PNG DataCo Ltd – Public Consultation

Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) from PNG DataCo Ltd - Consultation Notice
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This public notice is published in compliance with the requirements of Section 229 of the Act. In particular:

(a) NICTA hereby announces the fact that it is holding a public consultation;
(b) The public consultation shall be for the period from Wednesday 3rd November to Friday 3rd December 2021;
(c) The public consultation relates to the RIO submitted by DataCo on 22nd October 2021 and published on NICTA’s website ( on 5th November 2021 and specifically, to whether NICTA should accept or reject the RIO having regard to the criteria about which NICTA must be satisfied, set out in Section 142(5)(b) of the Act; and
(d) The deadline for submissions to be received shall be 4 pm on Monday 5th December 2021.


The services described in the Ministerial Declarations of 19th February 2019, to which the RIO relates, are wholesale services. That is, they are services provided by one licensed operator to another licensed operator. They need to be distinguished from retail services which are provided by licensed operators and service providers to business and residential retail customers. The RIO does not apply to retail services at all, and retail customers (that is, customers who are not licensed telecommunications operators) may not demand to receive the services or the proposed prices in the RIO.


The RIO does not cover all of the wholesale access services declared in February 2019. It only covers two services, namely:

(a) the international submarine cable transmission capacity service and
(b) the wholesale broadband capacity service (being via optic fibre within PNG), as well as other services provided by DataCo that incorporate one or both of these services.

The RIO comprises the following parts:

  • a covering letter from DataCo;
  • a Master Service Agreement (MSA) between DataCo and a customer, containing detailed general terms and conditions applicable to all the services covered by the RIO;
  • a Schedule of Prices for the wholesale access services covered by the RIO;
  • a Service Order Form, by which customers may apply for a relevant service; and
  • Service Level Terms and Conditions being the minimum service level terms and conditions for a service covered by the RIO.


For further information pls contact Mr. Polume Lume, Manager Economic Regulation & Competition on telephone number: 3033267 email: