Extension of Deadline for Cross Submissions

Public Inquiry: Potential Retail Service Determination in Relation to Data and Voice Services – on-net/off-net Voice and Messaging Services

NICTA wishes to advise the industry and public stakeholders that submissions for the above public consultation, which was due on Friday 1st February 2023, is further extended by two (2) weeks. The extension is granted after considering requests from key stakeholder for additional time to prepare their submissions.

The new deadline for written cross submissions is now extended to Friday 17th February 2023, close of business.

Submissions should be delivered to NICTA Head Office and soft copies via email to consultationsubmission@nicta.gov.pg and must be received by close of business on or before Friday 17th February 2023. Copies of all submission received will be published on NICTA’s Public Register consistent with the requirements on NICTA under subsection 229(3) of the National ICT Act 2009.

For further enquiries contact Mr. Polume Lume, acting Director, Economic, Consumer & International Affairs on telephone 3033272 during business hours or email: plume@nicta.gov.pg.

Authorized by

Kila Gulo Vui
Chief Executive Officer

Extension of Deadline for Cross Submissions
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