Decision By NICTA To Defer Any Form Of Retail Service Determination And The Release Of The Response To Comments Report

Decision By NICTA on RSD and Report on Comments

Decision By NICTA To Defer Any Form Of Retail Service Determination And The Release Of The Response To Comments Report

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The National Information and Communications Technology (NICTA) hereby advises all stakeholders and the public of its decision, after considerable inquiry and consultation, not to intervene in the market for retail voice and data services with price regulation. There is an exception in the case of the on-net/off net price discrimination.

NICTA published terms of reference for the public inquiry on 18th March 2022 and the inquiry has been ongoing since then. The initial period planned for the public inquiry was for four weeks to allowed for written comments from stakeholders. However, this was further extended by additional four weeks at the request of the industry. NICTA has received and considered a number of submissions from the industry and other stakeholders. After consideration of the submissions, and of the evidence and comments submitted by the respondents, NICTA has confirmed its preliminary conclusions as set out in the discussion paper, that is, not to intervene with price regulation of retail voice and data services, with the exception of on-net/off-net price discrimination.

NICTA will prepare a draft Retail Service Determination (RSD) regulating on-net/off-net price differentials and prohibiting discrimination. The draft will be subject to further consultation, and submissions will be invited from all stakeholders and the public.

NICTA will closely monitor retail voice and data price competition to determine the level of competitiveness in those markets over the next 12 months and will undertake a further review at that time. It will especially monitor the impact of the entry of Vodafone into the PNG mobile market in April 2022.

All inquiry documents including response to comments report are now uploaded at NICTA’s public register available at

Public Inquiry: Potential Retail Service Determination In relation To Voice And Data

Enquiries in relation to this matter can be directed to Acting Director Economic Consumer & International Affairs, Mr. Polume Lume on email: or on phone number 303 3272.

Authorised by: Kila Gulo-Vui
Chief Executive Officer