Safer Internet Day 2020 (Activities) – Cyber Safety Pasifika

Cyber Safety Pasifika, RPNGC awareness at Carr Memorial Adventist Primary School

The Royal Papua New Guinea  Constabulary (RPNGC) Cyber Safety Pasifika team had done an awareness at Carr Memorial Adventist Primary school in Port Moresby to about more than 700 students to commemorate the Safer Internet day.

Important points discussed include, being respectful to the online community and yourself, the positive and negative impacts of having a Facebook account as a students. Examples of cyber bullying incidents in PNG and how to deal with cyber bullying, the Law and it’s penalties for Cyber bullying and harassment. Other issues discussed were on how to create a stronger password, identifying and avoiding scams and how to report any suspicious illegal activities when using digital applications online.

A grade 8 student giving her answer of the importance of Safer Inter Day
Sharing his experience on how he uses technology positively as a student
A theme photo with some of the students and Inspector Jennifer Wakore. “Together for a Better Internet”