Proposed UAS Levy for 2018, UAS Strategic Plan (2018- 2022),Projects & Operating Plan 2018

Consultative Paper

NICTA has had considerable and extended discussions with operator licensees about the introduction of a Universal Access and Service (UAS) levy in recent years. The current paper concerns the UAS levy for 2018 only. The Consultation also addresses the UAS Strategic Plan (2018-2022), and Projects and Operational Plan for 2018.

Consultative Papers

  • UAS Consultation Paper - 8 Dec 2017.pdf

    Proposed Universal Access and Service Levy for 2018, UAS Strategic Plan (2018-2022), and Projects and Operating Plan 2018

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    Uploaded: 8-Dec-2017


  • Telikom PNG LTD.pdf
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    Uploaded: 16-Feb-2018
  • Pacific Island Chapter of Internet Society.pdf
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    Uploaded: 2-Feb-2018
  • National Catholic Education Secretariat.pdf
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    Uploaded: 25-Jan-2018
  • Digicel (PNG) LTD Submission.pdf
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    Uploaded: 16-Feb-2018
  • Bmobile-Vodafone Submission.pdf
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    Uploaded: 16-Feb-2018


  • Response To Comments Report.pdf

    Nicta's response to Stakeholder Comments/Submissions

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    Uploaded: 1-Aug-2018
  • 2018 UAS Project Report - UAS Board to Minister.pdf

    Request for Approval and Report

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    Uploaded: 31-Jul-2018

Ministerial Approval

  • Ministerial Approval - 2018 UAS Projects (Amendments).pdf
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    Uploaded: 21-Mar-2019
  • Ministerial Approval - 2018 UAS Projects.pdf
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    Uploaded: 21-Mar-2019