Our values are our principles and beliefs that govern our day-to-day behavior, internally as employees of NICTA and externally with our customers and stakeholders.

Our values guide us to, achievement our mission, shape the culture of the organisation and progress our vision to be a modern ICT regulator.


We uphold honesty, trust, transparency and fairness in our dealings with NICTA customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the industry at large. We also respect the value and confidentiality of our customer’s information.


We are a dedicated to being a modern ICT regulator. We strive to display a high level of enthusiasm in our
professional endeavors to promote a better future. We have passion for what we do, and are proud of what we strive to accomplish for the greater good.


We continue to find creative solutions to meet challenges. Our endeavor is to create, introduce and adopt
new approaches and solutions to effectively meet NICTA’s goals.


We will serve our customers and stakeholders in a professional and courteous manner whilst maintaining responsive interactions and respecting the opinions of all.

Respect is accorded to all persons regardless of position or grade or place of origin or age. We unconditionally accord such respect to create, foster and cultivate mutual relations amongst staff and promote a conducive work environment.


We value the importance of professional, meaningful and effective engagement with our stakeholders. All staff efforts are coordinated through teamwork in order to, successfully meet ICT regulatory obligations, offer effective advice to consumers and meet policy goals of NICTA.