Refer to Nicta Operator Licensing Regulation, 2010 for more details

The following are categorized under Operator Licence

  • Network Licence,
  • Application Licence,
  • Content Licence.

Network Licence

A Network Licence is needed to construct, maintain, own and operate facilities for a communications network such as VSATs, towers, line, antenna, and earth stations. A Network Licence allows for, among others, services for carrying electronic communications such as public cellular mobile services and broadcasting distribution services.

Application Licence

An Application Licence is needed to supply to the public, certain communication services using a network service such as PSTN telephony services, IP telephony services, internet access services, messaging services and audio text services.

Content Licence

A Content Licence is needed to supply television or radio broadcast services. It also allows for the supply of narrow-cast services, supplying content intended for restricted number of viewer or listeners.

Each of the three licences are available as:

  • An Individual Licence, which is granted to a specific named individual person or company
  • As a Class Licence.