The following are categorized under Radio-communications Licence:

  • Spectrum Licence,
  • Apparatus Licence,
  • Radio-communications Class Licence.

Spectrum Licence

A ‘Spectrum Licence’ is needed for the operation of a device or devices within a defined spectrum space (geographic area and frequency band), on the condition that the device(s) operate with accordance to their licence conditions and terms that were set by NICTA for that specific spectrum.

Apparatus Licence

An ‘Apparatus Licence’ is needed for the operation of a device or type of devices at specific locations with specific operating conditions set by NICTA. Apparatus Licences are intended to be directed at certain categories of ‘Transmitting’ and ‘Receiving’ apparatus.

Radio-communications Class Licence

A ‘Radio-communications Class Licence’ is issued as a general authorization for any person(s) to operate an apparatus or device(s) in designated segments of a spectrum whilst using that spectrum on a shared basis. It does not need to be applied for however, the apparatus or device must meet the requirements set in the ‘Radio-communications Class Licence’.