Safer Internet Day 2021 – Activities – PNG Safer Internet Day Commitee

Equal Playing Field

Social media sites let you text, share photos, play online games with friends, and connect with friends and family.

Social media also allows you meet strangers that you don’t know in person. It might seem fun to make new friends, but do not communicate with strangers you meet online. Don’t talk to them, agree to phone them, or email them photos of yourself.

It is very easy for some strangers with evil motives to blackmail you.

As Alicia of Equal Playing Field says, only be friends online with people you actually know in person.

A powerful advice from a young girl to all young people in PNG who experience cyber abuse.

Representatives from Equal Playing and Department of Information and Communications Technology at NBC Studio for Tech Talk Show. Watch NBC’s Tech Talk Show to learn about tips to protect yourself from cyber abuse.
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